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Bad Habits
One leads to two
Two leads to three
Three leads to four
Four leads to more
More leads to guilt
Guilt leads to shame
Shame leads to pain
Yet the next day starts
And I'm at it again.
Once I'm out
All I think about is more
When I get some
I'm shaking to the core
I know it is dumb
But these guilty habits
Bring me up then bring me down
I tear myself to bits
I make myself drown.
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Heat Satisfaction Lust Attraction
Presence and life
Blood is the life force inside us
It is hot and prescious
We can feel this warmth through skin contact
It awakens our conscious
Synonymous with joy
Satisfaction isn't always guaranteed
It is fought for
Started out as a goal or seed
A product of love and attraction
Is not considered subtle
A chemical reaction
Breath on the neck
Fingers trail down your back
A kiss
A hug
Often mistaken for love
Our human urges to please and be pleased
The strong magnetism between things
A bundle of kindling ignite
Burning a bright fire
Attracted to the flame like a moth to a light source
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Many tears have been shed
Many tears have been shed on the needles on which you lie your head
You bite your lip
You fight the pain
You try not to cry
But it's back again
It's always a battle
Leaving you shaken
Leaving you rattled
Curled up in ball
Tears stream down your face
You wanna say goodbye to it all
But this decision is not for you to place
In despair
The lowly gleaming times when you are actually smiling
It doesn't always feel like enough
Life is hard
There is no substitute
You take it as is
Or you give it all up
Working with your pain is hard
But giving up would be a bigger mistake
"You've got to hold on", they tell you
"You've got to hold on for god sake"
:iconsaii-san:Saii-san 1 0
Soft and Gooey Center (for lack of a better title)
The ice flows through my veins
My heart tries to keep under control
I fall to the ground
But I make so sound
Froze over my still beating heart
I scream aloud
Begin to sink
I am almost lost
Brought to the brink
Inside me something stirs
We can't be sure of what
Is it her
It's definitely not
With molten core
I try to fight it
I can't be sure
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I Need You, Can't You See
Need you
You mean the world me
I wish you could see
Are amazing
You make my heart
Go blazing
am the guy
That you need
Don't know why
But I can see
That you need me
Will give anything
To be with you
Yes that's what I'll do
Just can't see
That you're a part of me
That I need
Love you
There's nothing I wouldn't to do
Just to comfort you
Are beautiful
You make my heart explode
Or at least that's what I'm told.
Want you
To be free
And go see the world with me
:iconsaii-san:Saii-san 0 0
You're right
I don't wanna fight
I wanna be there for you
I hope we can start anew
I know I was wrong
But please don't give up on me
Please don't say "so long"
I wish at least that you can see
You mean the world to me
I know I'm not the best conversationalist
But please don't get pissed
I'm just better when we're alone
Or when it's just us on the phone
I want to say I'm sorry
I've been quite lame
You seem I'm not the best at this
But when I'm away from you
You are always missed.
I love the way your voice sounds
I must just be spell bound
You make my heart beat fast
I just want this love to last
I'll do the best I can do
Just let me be with you
I love you
I hope you love me too
We can make it through this
I can't stop thinking about when we kiss
You light me up
You fill my cup
You make me feel happy
Even when life's crappy
I hope I can do the same for you
That's all I really wanna do
Please don't be mad at me
I just want you to see
It's really hard for me
I need you to be
Strong for me
:iconsaii-san:Saii-san 0 0
For Adri
The day we first met
At first it was awkward
Our friends trying to get us together
It seemed pretty absurd
But the days got brighter
We began to grow on each other
We had those all nighters
You rocked my world
But I was afraid to get involved
We shared are secrets
Our friendship evolved
Adrianna you mean the world to me
I can see it now crystal clear
At first I wasn't able to see
But now I feel so happy when you're near
You're cute,fun, and beautiful
That red hair of yours is damn fine
I wanna protect you and love you like no other
Babe I'm glad you're mine.
:iconsaii-san:Saii-san 0 0
Walking In The Moonlight
As darkness covers the land
Shadows are shed from the moon
Creatures awaken
Good and bad
The light is taken
People flee to the safety of their homes
But not I
The moon brings with it
I walk the streets alone
Neither nervous nor in fear
For the beauty of the night
Makes my mind feel so clear
There is an elegance of the twilight
Nothing can bring
Except with the moon above
Master of the night
Eyes focus and adjust
Things begin to move and sway in the shadows
But there is no fear here
Tricks of the eyes
Imaginations going wild
But when you slow your breath
And listen close
The sounds of the dark begin to sound like music
What a rush it is
To be out and alone
But something inside tells me
That it'd be better if I had someone there to hold
To share all of this which seems surreal
Will you take my hand and walk with me
Walk the night
Without the light
And see the beauty I see
:iconsaii-san:Saii-san 0 0
I am in shock,
Cold and emotionless like a rock.
I am strong,
I will smile as I sing this song.
I am not alone,
No matter how many people have gone.
I will live,
Even if living hasn't a reason to give.
I will fight,
We have a choice and we have a right.
I can't go back,
But I can go forward, so I shall pick up the slack.
I'm not gonna lie,
Right now I could just lie down and cry.
I am in pain,
But I shall feel no shame.
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Mature content
Sweet Insanity :iconsaii-san:Saii-san 0 1
She Welcomes Him With Closed Arms
He was happy, he believed he had reunited with his love.
But now he sees, she is still not ready. This response, shook him to the soul.
He thought she wanted him back, not to keep being friends which They'd already been.
It made him feel as though nothing changed; she had not changed. What was originally a return to happiness, was false and not what he had believed. She still had left him, there still had been no change. She loved him but would not be with him. In his heart he felt much pain
:iconsaii-san:Saii-san 0 1
Shyness Only Lead To Loss
Shyness Only Lead to Loss
I hid my feelings, as though they were demons
I was afraid to confess my love, for I feared misunderstanding,
But what a fool i was, hiding only caused another loss in my life.
A secret it was, but i was scared.. so i did not take a chance,,
how stupid i was, i must have lost my sense.
But I tell you now, because I want you to know
Ashley, I love you so.
I regret never telling you, it was an awful mistake.
But the love I have for you, It is a love I could never fake.
You are so appealing to me, there are many reasons why,
But the highest reason comes from what's inside.
You are a wonderful person, so loving, so interesting and so very smart.
An angel sent not from heaven, because heaven couldn't create such a wonderful girl.
I say no more, I will not hurt you by telling you my love.
For you do not need it, you already have someone.
Telling you more will only make you feel guilty, which will lead to you fleeing from me.
I would rather be a close friend, then lo
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mood: The Glitch Mob - Bad Wings
On dark wings, I come forth from the abyss,
The abyss which is the chaos of life.
I come to help those who think they have nothing to say,
I come to help those lost today.
I am not an angel nor a demon,
I am a protector, a shield from the pain,
I will help you stand up, even if there is nothing for me to gain.
Happiness is the goal I seek to reach, yet even this way it seems impossible for me.
And although it sometimes hurts, I will stand here by your side, helping you continue.
In this ever painful life.
:iconsaii-san:Saii-san 1 1
Borra for OTP by Saii-san Borra for OTP :iconsaii-san:Saii-san 10 1 Captain Minun and Plusle by Saii-san Captain Minun and Plusle :iconsaii-san:Saii-san 0 1 Zombie Minun by Saii-san Zombie Minun :iconsaii-san:Saii-san 0 0


Cyborg concept art by CGSoufiane Cyborg concept art :iconcgsoufiane:CGSoufiane 981 50 Cyborg by Aiumia Cyborg :iconaiumia:Aiumia 466 88 Cyborg by ADES21 Cyborg :iconades21:ADES21 539 48 Samus Aran - METROID by Madec-Brice Samus Aran - METROID :iconmadec-brice:Madec-Brice 1,145 93 Metroid by curtistiegs Metroid :iconcurtistiegs:curtistiegs 205 16 Metroid Prime 2 - Light Suit (with Time Lapse) by Razputin93 Metroid Prime 2 - Light Suit (with Time Lapse) :iconrazputin93:Razputin93 1,387 98 Super Metroid by rokusho1345 Super Metroid :iconrokusho1345:rokusho1345 426 33 Metroid: Zero Suit Samus by katyuskamoonfox Metroid: Zero Suit Samus :iconkatyuskamoonfox:katyuskamoonfox 2,215 118 Omega Metroid suit by Manganiac Omega Metroid suit :iconmanganiac:Manganiac 2,204 249 Metroid by ImmarArt Metroid :iconimmarart:ImmarArt 4,023 252
You can be a savior.
Think of your fellow human and care about their fate.
Strive to abolish suffering and remove that which is hate.
Reach out to those around you, and they may do the same.
If your world is full of hatred, there is not just you to blame.
You can feel this way without Jesus, he is but a mental crutch.
Have the gall to face the world without his ever present touch.
You can talk to those around you and the world won't really end.
Don't depend on the courage from an imaginary friend.
Do not wait forever for your heaven's grace.
Help those around you to make our world a better place.
:iconultimape:Ultimape 4 0
i liked her as a Fraud:FIM title cards series by Jowybean i liked her as a Fraud:FIM title cards series :iconjowybean:Jowybean 1,115 65 DERPY-O's by Tim-Kangaroo DERPY-O's :icontim-kangaroo:Tim-Kangaroo 873 225
She's more beautiful than heaven,
but she's never seen a mirror.
I've never met a kinder soul.
She's just like an angel.
She doesn't realize it yet,
how greatly she is loved.
She's the sister I always wanted.
I just want her to be happy.
Nothing I can say ever works.
How can I make her smile?
There are times I yell at her,
I can never stay angry at her.
Sometimes I think she's hates herself.
I can never understand why.
She's perfect just the way she is.
When will she see this?
I'll kill anyone who hurts her.
I'd die if it meant she would live.
There's no one in the whole world,
I trust more than this one amazing woman.
I don't care what she does or says,
I'll always love her for who she is.
She's my very best friend.
She's one of kind.
I won't stay up all night with anyone else,
I don't show my true self to anyone but her.
Nothing feels worse than to see her suffer.
If I could take all her pain, I would.
She deserves to be happy for all her life.
She deserves nothing but the best.
:iconchei-sama:Chei-sama 3 3
shy 3 by WhiteDove-Creations shy 3 :iconwhitedove-creations:WhiteDove-Creations 100 20 DJ Pony by WhiteDove-Creations DJ Pony :iconwhitedove-creations:WhiteDove-Creations 585 169



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